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Safety, Compliance, Fleet Maintenance

  • Fleet Maintenance

    • *Shop Operations*
    • *Warranty and Parts*
    • *Tire Programs*
    • *DVIR*
    • *Recordkeeping*
    • *Absorbed Hours*
    • *New Entrant Safety Setup*

  • Safety Analysis

    • *Pre-Audit Safety and Compliance Reviews*
    • *Log Programs - Record of Duty Status*

  • Safety and Compliance Audits

    • *Corrective Action*

  • DVIR Reviews

    • *Record Keeping Programs*
    • *DVIR Audits*

  • Expert WItness Testimony

  • Key Person Search

    • *Director and above Talent Search for all areas of Fleet Responsibility*

Identify and Correct Safety and Maintenance Issues -
CSA Rating Improvement

Understanding Government Regulations and breezing through Audits
       - Government Compliance Solutions