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Client Testimonials

"Jim Buchanan has somthing that not all in the consulting arena has. Credibility by actually sucsessfully accomplished in the industry what others just talk about."

CEO, California Carrier

"Mr. Buchanan has a wealth of experience and current understanding of the trucking industry as it pertains to surviving in the current economy. The results were surprising."

President, PA Tanker Fleet

"As there is often more than one way to solve a problem, it was refreshing to evaluate different solutions with someone who has the intellect, flexibility, and understanding of fleet operations to provide the best overall solution. We would work with Jim anytime."

President, Utah Bulk Logistics Group

"By far the most evolved business leader I have met. By listening, I have learned more in one week about trucking than I thought I knew for 30 years. No wonder he has been so successful. Funny, no nonsense guy, who will take the gloves off to get you to understand. Great teacher."

President/COO, Heavy Haul Fleet

"An excellent speaker and informative presenter. Mr. Buchanan provided a group of trucking and logistics executives different way to think. Through technical analysis, he showed how thinking in a different way will lead to different results. At least two members of the organization have invited him to take on the leadership training of personnel in their companies."

President, National Trucking Organization